XMLFox Advance

XMLFox Advance 4.00

Convert XML encoding and create schemas

XMLFox Advance is a software program used to create schemas and show a visual representation of what an xml document will look like for that schema.

This tool is helpful for an xml developer and has many features. MLFox Advance can convert XML encoding specifically from or to UTF-16. It allows you to convert whole UTF-8 encoded XML to UTF-16 and vice versa.

This product also lets you modify an XML record in a table or row representation in a Grid-style window. XMLFox Advance also supports drop down toolbar on a Grid view pane.

This application provides options in the toolbar such as Create new table, table design, Print, filter, font and relationships. The Table Design Interface lets you modify an existing table structure in your XML or create a new one.

The Filter lets you display only those records in an XML table that match one or more criteria. A relationship lets you browse the Relationships between tables in XML.

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